Robin Ruth

Who we are?

Located in Cruquius, we are the home of the world's largest brands in souvenir merchandise. Our Robin Ruth product range consists of textile products such as bags and headwear, but also keyrings, mirrors and umbrella’s. Memoriez offers you porcelain mugs, 3D magnets, aprons and pluche animals.

With more than 4000 products, we supply over 300 retailers In The Netherlands and Belgium. From small shops to ferry’s to museums and amusement parks. Besides wholesale, we also offer solutions for companies who wish to create their private label fanwear and merchandise.

In addition to B2B, private consumers can order our products online.

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Robin Ruth

Robin Ruth is an international casual lifestyle brand for the free-spirited traveller. Founded in 2002, Robin Ruth is the largest brand of souvenir fashion worldwide and is now represented (and recognized) in almost every major city in the world. Robin Ruth’s products range from headwear to bags, neck pillows, keyrings, mirrors, socks, sunglasses and so on.

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Memoriez is an international brand that, amongst other things, offers kitchenware souvenirs such as mugs, aprons, coasters and magnets.

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Private label

Our aim is to assist our clients
in taking over the entire product development and production process.

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